Ivan Machado

Adjunct Professor • Computer Science Department • Federal University of Bahia, BR

Short BIO

I am an Adjunct Professor at the Institute of Computing at the Federal University of Bahia (UFBA), in Salvador, Brazil. My broad research area is Software Engineering, and my research interests include software product lines engineering, self-adaptive systems, software testing and analysis, sustainable software engineering, and mining software repositories. I am the Leader of the ARIES LAB, a Software Engineering Research Group at UFBA.

I serve and have served as a program committee member of various conferences and as a reviewer for various international journals (e.g., TSE, TOSEM, JSS, IST, EMSE, JSERD etc.) in the Software Engineering field.

I received my D.Sc. degree in Computer Science from UFBA, in 2014, and my M.Sc. degree in Computer Science from UFPE, in 2010. During my D.Sc. I was a Visiting Scholar at Clemson University, in the US.

Email: ivan • machado (at) ufba • br

Address: UFBA Campus Ondina, Av. Milton Santos s/n, PAF 2 - Instituto de Computação - Salvador, BA, Brazil - ZIP Code 40170-110